Active Drone Services

As a diversification from Active Renewables, Active Drone Services was established to encompass further technologies including drone flying services. Active Drones focus on helping renewable energy & agricultural companies maximise their business investments by offering a range of products.

Active Drone Services (ADS) specialise in specific airborne applications of thermal imaging, photography, precision agriculture, security, mapping and surveying.

The drones we utilise offer an efficient and effective means of viewing and surveying applications of all difficulties and subsequently allow a clear and precise interpretation of data for businesses with wide ranging demands and diverse requirements.

Our drones allow us to access potentially hazardous and difficult areas, allowing for a safer and more efficient working environment.

Being a CAA registered company we will allow businesses to save on countless man hours and expenses whilst offering peace of mind that all works are carried out in-line with current CAA laws, HSE requirements and our in-depth CAA approved operations manual.

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